Movie Review:Last Vegas- The Movie Is Simply Sweet

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June 13, 2014
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Movie Review:Last Vegas- The Movie Is Simply Sweet

Director: Jon Turteltaub

Cast: Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline, Mary Steenburgen, Romany Malco, Jerry Ferrara, Roger Bart, Joanna Gleason, Michael Ealy, Bre Blair

Screenplay: Dan Fogelman

Well definitely, Our review doesn’t endorse any spoilers in the first place.

That Last Vegas remains light fun throughout to its legends casting, five Academy Award winners including Mary Steenburgen, the most charming thing about the movie. I guess all they were asked to do is to look their ages without acting them.

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From a distance, “Last Vegas” looked like something not worth seeing, sentimental, not very funny, glossing over the real issues surrounding the shift into old age but guess what “Last Vegas” is an entertaining movie with a lot of integrity, and it gives all of its legendary actor the real moments to dig in and play something.The four stars deliver with their charisma and professionalism while Las Vegas is shown at its glittery best.

It’s the story of four childhood friends who’ve fanned out to different parts of the country but remain in touch. All are facing 70 and are reacting in different ways.I personally liked this movie, even though it calls for a party hard get laid stuff, each one respects their partner at home or at grave which makes this movie sweet and don’t let them down.That’s a cool part of it.

The main reason to see this movie is to catch Morgan Freeman when he shows his dance moves which are guaranteed to put a smile on your face!
If you are looking for something crazy as The hangover movie types. Its not for you.
Its for the light moments and there is no surprise factor in this movie, which would drop your popcorn’s off.

In simple, the movie is SWEET

Trailer below:

Ratings: 3/5

Prakhyath Rai

Chief Editor at MerryBrains
Well, I sometimes makes a lot of sense. Loves blogging and clicking beautiful pictures.
Prakhyath Rai
Prakhyath Rai
Well, I sometimes makes a lot of sense. Loves blogging and clicking beautiful pictures.
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