Gear Up Buddies Bloggers Google Video Hangout with Chitrangda Singh: A Initiative

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July 13, 2014
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Gear Up Buddies Bloggers Google Video Hangout with Chitrangda Singh: A Initiative

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Neha Agarwal and Chitrangda Singh

Thanks to Neha Agarwal for giving the opportunity to meet one of the most beautiful, fit actress in our Bollywood world, the lovely Chitrangda Singh.

I am extremely amazed with this beautiful actress who is so down to earth.I really appreciate it,she is one from the millions who can be so down to earth and so beautiful at the same time.

When asked about how she workouts she said she will choose Kickboxing which releases your anger out and keeps the mind cool. She also stressed that she practices yoga sometimes.

And on the diet which she follows, she said that the basic thumb-rule is that fats should get low, egg white omelette and have timely dinner makes it good. The fruits,brown bread sandwich also helps the BMI normal.

When I introduced  myself to her that ,I am from Bangalore, she just said she likes bangalore a lot. Well, we all know that :) Bangalore’s been everyone’s favorite right.

I had two questions to her. On asking about how her typical day goes, she laughed saying that all days are different. Its like catching a flight, get ready, makeup.come back, take off the make up. she added that she is a early riser and workouts early .

Then I asked a funny question on given a chance which superhero would she date? was it Iron man? Batman ? Spiderman? Superman? or Krish. She was in all smiles and replied saying that Krishh is already dating someone. But she likes batman because  she thinks batman is cool with lots of machines and heavy cars around and also added that spider man is doing much stuffs climbing and all, so he wont have much time to her.Girls you see.



Then Swathi Singh, one of the fellow blogger asked on how she remained beautiful year after year. She called her mom saying her not to use soap on face, Instead she uses milk for the toning.For hair,parachute hair oil massage with deep condensing really helps for her.When asked about the what she likes most about puma,She said that its not just a fashionable brand but also it places technology by having clothes which help the muscle growth as well as fashion together at the same time. be fit and fashionable.

When Senthil, the other fellow blogger asked about the risk of  food supplements consumption. she advised  to be very choosy with the protein intake, she personally uses Isopure and further advised us to not use any kind of steroids.

 On asking about the type of workout she does,  she replied stating that she prefers yoga in group and workouts she prefers one on one.On asking about online shopping, she said she  browses a lot online and shops a lot online. On the Fitness manthra:she replied saying that it is the discipline which is  very boring and also make sure you don’t have too many drunk nights.

On asking about does she believe in dieting:she said no, strictly no.

Then she introduced us to the campaign on . This is a initiative where jabong and puma partnered themself. you can visit the link to check more on the same and perhaps you can become Chitrangda’s 4th Gear up Buddy.

I would like to specially Thank Neha and the team for organizing this event pretty well.


Brief Summary Of The Campaign. in association with PUMA announces their unique campaign “Gear up Buddy” with Chitrangda Singh. This new initiative aims at promoting fitness in a big way. Starting today, the four week long campaign would culminate with the announcement of the 4th ‘Buddy’ for Chitrangda. and PUMA, both leaders in their own domains joined hands for this unprecedented initiative to bring its consumers an opportunity to showcase various looks on the gorgeous Chitrangda Singh and her 3 buddies.The Gear-Up Buddy website design and concept was created by Brandmovers – a leading EngagementMarketing and Digital Agency (




Prakhyath Rai

Chief Editor at MerryBrains
Well, I sometimes makes a lot of sense. Loves blogging and clicking beautiful pictures.
Prakhyath Rai
Prakhyath Rai
Well, I sometimes makes a lot of sense. Loves blogging and clicking beautiful pictures.
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