Exclusive Model Interview: Surabhi Prabhu- Hotness Unleashed

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August 9, 2014
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Exclusive Model Interview: Surabhi Prabhu- Hotness Unleashed


As the winter is still on, we  reveal a Bombshell, standing 5.7 feet tall, Mumbai based model turned actress.

She is full of charisma & energy with so many ad endorsements under her belt- there is no doubt Surabhi has that special something which commands industry attention.

Her top endorsements include brands like Onida, Pepe jeans, Provogue, Kian diamonds, Lorenz, Pepsi and many more.

As one of the most visible faces in fashion and cinema industry, she will be now appearing in a tamil film ‘Kadavul Paathi Mirugam Paathi’which will be also released in telegu. She has an item number ‘meenamma’ to sizzle your eyes.She was also seen in Super Villain tonight in Shapaath season in Life Ok.

In a nutshell,  this bombshell is packed with fashion sense, Hot body,mesmerizing body which makes her fit and comfortable with any snazzy dress.

And here we start our talk…..

What made you first become a model?

I won a local beauty pageant “Miss Gujarat” which made me overnight famous in the city then there was no looking back .

How did you feel when you did your first ever fashion show or a photo shoot?

I was as confident as I look today and I was as nervous as I get today after doing sooo many shoots ..

Who was your role model as a child an how did that help in being a model ?

I never thought of becoming a model , I was a painter and I loved painting . I thought I would become a painter . As a child I always thought as soon as I turn 18 I would marry prince charming and have loads of kids . I always as a kid worked on my skills as a successful and balanced house wife . But today when I think of it I laugh . How eager as a kid I wanted to marry as I thought marriage means loads of jewellery clothes and vacations . I didn’t understand the responsibility attached to it . But today I love my journey from a designer to a model to an actress to dancing in special songs . Marriage is completely out of scene atleast for few years . Overnight If I meet someone then I can’t say . Kal kisne dekha hai .

 What did your parent first think of you being a model and where they supportive?

Ohh my parents always respect my decisions as I have always been a very responsible daughter . They knew I am very focused and determined girl . Initially they did doubt as they thought I was not pretty and beautiful enough to be part of the industry . After so much of persuasion they said yes as they thought that I would try for sometime , accept my failure and return back to my designing business . But Today sometimes I want to give up but they act as my biggest support system . They have understood that camera loves me and I am “Photogenic” .

Your Take on size 0 debate in the industry?

I don’t understand this term size zero. This is media hyped term . Healthy proportionate body is attractive . Camera doesn’t like skeleton . Deepika and Priyanka have the best body in the business .. they look healthy and attractive .

If your were not a model, what other profession would you have been doing instead?

I think I would have continued my clothing line  .

 What beauty tips do you swear by?

Sufficient amount of water keeps you fit and maintains hair-skin healthy . Eat nutritious food at correct intervals . Healthy lifestyle . And never forget the three steps for beautiful skin cleansing -tonning -moisturising . And the most important .. “Every woman is beautiful some are just lazy .”

 If a young girl/boy wanted to be a model what would your advice for them be?

Focus on your work . Learn this art with interest and dedication . There is no shortcut for success. Not necessarily every talented person reaches the top but hardwork never goes unnoticed . Success is an accident which happens to only hardworking people . When you see star kids getting instant success .. don’t make this excuse for your failure as you don’t know what hurdles they crossed to be on the top . Rather use them as inspiration that kids born with silver spoons worked so hard , they could have easily sit and enjoyed the legacy which was gifted to them but they choose to run in the race .

Who do you aspire to be like? As successful as?

I aspire to be like Angelina Jolie who is superbly talented ,blessed with beauty and born with a noble heart . Her contribution to entertainment industry and humanity will always be appreciated . I aspire to be like Aishwarya Rai Bachan who is beauty with brains . She opened avenues for Indian actresses and bridged the gap between Indian cinema and Hollywood . She’s brought mega international brands to Indian markets . Aishwarya Rai Bachchan , the name that sells 21st century India to the rest of the world . She has carried out her career gracefully and most ideal elegant daughter-in-law . She represents India on the globe yet very cultured bahu . I wish to be as graceful , balanced , elegant and Noble as these two ladies .

 Tell us something little known about you.

I have silly obsession of buying shoes ,stilettos , boots . I have 450 pairs of footwear . Most of them I have not even used . I know it’s criminal waste of money. I’m trying to overcome this obsession .

what product brands do you use for your skin.

One soap I can never change is Medimix bathing soap . I love “Smashbox” in my vanity .

Favourite dress style you really like to wear?

I am never fashion driven . I like to wear different colours  . I like to wear which I think I can carry without putting much efforts . I like to look elegant n charming . Looking hot is the last thing which comes in my mind .

Favourite Actress and Actor? Why are they your favorite?

Very difficult to answer as I love many

What characteristics do you think a man should possess?

Man should possess sense of responsibility . Commitment phobic men are good for entertainment as generally they are very charming and make a good laugh but they are like bubbles which is momentarily . Neva eva fall for them because they aren’t there to catch you . Man should be encouraging, supportive and appreciating . One who appreciates your presence and feels privileged when you are with him . Always reciprocate this gesture with loads of love ,caring and make him feel wanted . And yes his bank statement does matter . Money is something but it should not be every thing .
I go weak on my knees when I meet a decent, cool ,calm ,composed , well-articulate guy . It shows how well he is brought up . Upbringing influences your life . Such well broughtup kids are very secured and make you secured . I am sorry but boys from broken families are strict no in my life . I may sound ridiculously mean but this is how I am . I have seen loads of love in my family .

What characteristics do you think a woman should possess?

Guys use their eyes before anything else. They are visually stimulated before they can be attracted. Unfortunately, a lot of women think that because men are so, they (women) need to be perfect in the eyes of men. Beauty is all about self-image. Elegant and Confident woman is the most attractive and irresistible . You got to stimulate his mind … he will follow you . Most important never follow a man , being available is the most unattractive thing .. men are bit weird,  be a chase ..they like the chase ;) wink*wink

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Prakhyath Rai
Prakhyath Rai
Well, I sometimes makes a lot of sense. Loves blogging and clicking beautiful pictures.
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