I always had an inclination towards fashion -Deeth Sethi, India's youngest Fashion Choreographer and Stylist

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August 9, 2014

I always had an inclination towards fashion -Deeth Sethi, India’s youngest Fashion Choreographer and Stylist


Dear Readers, Today we have one of the beautiful charismatic talent in Indian Fashion Industry. Lets talk to Deeth Sethi,India’s youngest Fashion Choreographer and Stylist.


1.Do you agree that Bangalore is the center of Indian fashion? and which other Indian cities are growing fast as the fashion capitals according to your experience?

Bangalore is one of the growing cities in terms of fashion. What I have seen and felt is Bangalore keeps pace with the latest trends and fashion.
When You talk about other growing capitals , I feel Pune gives tough competition.

2.What does it takes to be a good fashion choreographer ?

Lot of patience ;).. Its not that easy … you have to me very calm. When I came in this Industry, I was very young…I did my 1st show when I was 19…for one complete year I used to go to every fashion show in Pune and mumbai to get a better understanding of this profession. I always had an inclination towards fashion.


3. Many girls tend to lose weight as they want to be models and even some have unhealthy diet, what do you have to say or your opinions on this as someone who knows the fashion industry inside out?

It is very important to be in good shape when you think of modelling as a career. But, going on a crash diet or an unhealthy diet and routine is something I personally don’t recommend because this leads to bad health and modelling is a job where you need to be very fit.


4.Who do you admire in the fashion world?

Coco Chanel. I think she is very successful because she was being the one of the greatest designer in the world.
she made every female loves chanel.
I think what I can learn from her is the creative that she had. She Created a lot of new things on clothes and accessories.
Roberto Cavalli : As a designer, Roberto Cavalli is a master of exotic prints and is known for his trademark plunging neckline. Roberto created the sand-blasted look for jeans that is a standard look for every major denim brand.

Coco Chanel © CNN

Coco Chanel © CNN

Italian designer Roberto Cavalli  © I want pop

Italian designer Roberto Cavalli
© I want pop

5.What has been the highlight of your career so far?

India Miss South and I recently did a charity show for SOS village Kids.

6.What have you got lined up for next year?

Ans: There are multiple projects for which i have been approached by different organizers which are yet to be finalized . Like always i will keep Merry brains updated. :)


7. What is your dream fashion show? How well do you feel that Victoria’s secret Fashion show is choreographed?

Ans : Lakme Fashion Week .. Victoria’s secret fashion show is always the best show of the year…and When James Browne is choreographing the show,it has to be Fab.

8. Name your favourite model? Actor? Singer? Book?

Kate Moss,Heidi klum and late Suzy parker…
Julia Roberts, Kareena Kapoor, Sushmita Sen


9. How tough is this current age fashion Industry?

Ans : Very competitive and Tough. It has become very difficult to make a mark in this Industry .

10. Who is your life inspiration?

Ans: My mom.

11. If you can bring back to life one person, whom will it be?

Ans : Mother Teresa


12.Last question, How does it feel to get interviewed by MerryBrains? (*winks*)

Ans : I m glad to be interviewed by MerryBrains . MeryBrains have already covered my events and looking forward the same in future. so that means my relationship with Merrybrains is for long term ;) isn’t it??

Thanks and sure we do Deeth, Thanks alot for talking to us. Keep up the Good work


About Deeth:

Deeth Sethi is based in Bangalore and is just 22 years age. Well, you should not reveal the age of a women, but this girl is very young :).  She is anto freelance Runway direction, model styling and groomi10001172_703387183071317_1624835677_ong of upcoming
models ( Men and Women).She also takes up guest sessions on grooming at Fashion ABCD, Mangalore and she has always been approached by local new channels for regular TV shows on providing grooming tips and fashion updates for newcomers.

She has Groomed and Choreographed Beauty Pageant’s like:
Mr and Miss Envouge , Nagpur 2012.
India Miss South , Bangalore 2013
Mr and Miss Mangalore 2014
and also Groomed one of the Femina Miss India 2014 contestant from Bangalore.

and shows like:

  • Indiva Marketing event 2013 , Dubai
  • SFS Event , (Chief Guest Ace Bollywood director Rajkumar Hirani ) 2013
  • Outlook Fashion World Event for SOS Village , Bangalore, 2014
  • Prince and Princess Karnataka 2014
  • Reliance trendz
  • Devraj college Fest
  • MVJ college Fest
  • BMS college Fest
  • BMC college Fest
  • Accenture cooperate
  • Friday Fever for Designer Kaushal and is planning up for a Fashion Tour soon.







What skills do you think the fashion choreographer should have? Light it up in our comments section below.


Prakhyath Rai

Chief Editor at MerryBrains
Well, I sometimes makes a lot of sense. Loves blogging and clicking beautiful pictures.
Prakhyath Rai
Prakhyath Rai
Well, I sometimes makes a lot of sense. Loves blogging and clicking beautiful pictures.
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